Hannah + Matthew


This wedding! Just freaking wow. Hannah and Matt put their complete trust in my creative direction and followed me into the dark (literally). The first part of our couple’s shoot was deep in the bush with ragged ferns and a secret river stream. I loved the way they were so gentle with each other and would help each other move across the somewhat sketchy ground.

I’ve had a location that I’ve wanted to use for a photoshoot for ages. It’s an overgrown beach with weirdly shaped trees, long grass and a unique perspective of Hobart. I posed the idea to the couple and warned them of the risks, but they jumped at the opportunity. When we got there, the sun had gone down, it was raining and the wind was howling. The couple ran across a busy road in the dark of the night and trudged through the swampy terrain. I love how intense this scene is - both the environment and their love for each other.

Ceremony - Cascade Gardens
Reception - Driftwood
Celebrant - Vivien Ride
Make-up Artist - KazC mobile makeup
Hairdresser - Audrey Hair
Florist - Saffi Studio
Dress - Dreamers and Lovers

WeddingJon Gazzignato